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We have a particular set of skills…and we love putting them to work! For starters, with 6 converting facilities nationwide, we convert more paper and board than you can imagine! In case we haven’t converted you yet, keep scrolling to learn about all the services we provide.


Sometimes you just want a paper company that cuts the sheet and gives it to you straight, and with 15 sheeters nationwide we do exactly that! When it comes to cutting paper web into individual, custom-sized sheets, you might even say we’re on a roll.

Slitting & Rewinding

We have 13 slitter/rewinders nationwide, which allows us to cut large-width rolls into smaller-width rolls of various sizes and therefore customize your order to its exact specifications while cutting out unnecessary paper waste.

Trade Converting

Everyone needs a hand now and then, and we are more than happy to offer our services to anyone who needs their materials cut, sheeted, slitted, warehoused, and/or distributed (discreetly, of course). We encourage any and all inquiries! Just don’t ask us about Bitcoin, we’re as confused as you are on that one.


Usually, when people hear “lamination,” they think of someone coating a piece of paper in clear plastic. But lamination is SO 👏 MUCH 👏 MORE 👏. Our laminates range from rainbow holographic layers to metallic gold to cool, borderline psychedelic patterns. They can enhance visual impact, and make substrates really pop, or add utility in the form of moisture resistance, heat resistance, tear protection, and more. Plus, our strict layflat management procedures ensure that common laminating issues like curling, rippling, or wrinkling, won’t affect your project! So, whatever your lamination needs, we’ve got it covered (literally).
Sheet lamination

Sheet Lamination

When it comes to being “On the Case” for our customers’ needs, our sheet-fed thermal laminators are up to speed! We have these awesome machines in both our California and Indiana locations ready to roll to deliver the full package of laminating to our clients. Want to enhance your packaging with a soft touch or grit tactile surface? We got you! Need extra protection with tear-resistant or to add a poly overlam over your printed material? No sweat. The opportunities are endless!


A subtle coating can not-so-subtly change your substrate. In fact, it can completely transform the look, feel, and function (for the better!). Our R&D team is always testing new coatings to enhance your substrates, whether it’s a soft touch coating for a luxurious tactile experience, grease-resistant coatings for a pizza box, or anti-microbial coatings to ward off bacteria. On top of those more science-y (Is that a word? Let’s pretend it is) options, we also offer an array of patterned, pearlescent, colored, and metallic coatings, and more.

Specialty Services

In our industry, we find it crucial to be THE LEADER OF THE PACK(aging). And our specialty services have you covered, across the board. With our guillotine cutters, you’ll get just the cuts you want – whether it’s straight edge or rounded corners (like the ones you see in textile and hosiery packages)! Our cell pack machines use 100% recyclable honeycomb paperboard to safeguard your fruits and other products. All our materials can be custom sized specifically for your packaging needs. Why? Because we give a sheet!

Let’s Make Something Amazing Together.

Our wide range of laminates and coatings can help you make your packaging and print materials astound, dazzle, and jump-off-the-shelf. Whatever you can dream up, we’ll make it a reality.

Let’s Make Something Amazing Together.

Our wide range of laminates and coatings can help you make your packaging and print materials astound, dazzle, and jump-off-the-shelf. Whatever you can dream up, we’ll make it a reality.

Case Paper’s commitment to stocking a large inventory of paper and board, as well as providing custom converting services, has helped us gain a critical competitive advantage.

Phoenix Lithographing Corporation

Andrea L. Maximos, VP Estimating

Case Paper has been our top-performing vendor for the past few years for mill-guaranteed papers in both custom and stocking sheet sizes. Whether our orders are made to sheet or are multiple truckload requests, Case Paper has consistently met all of our demands…even providing same-day service when needed.

VISO-Graphic, Inc.

John Dahlke, Owner

Case Paper has a solid team of employees who treat both my large and small orders with attention to detail and a sense of urgency. We know we are in great hands–and will receive great product–from Case Paper.

Square Peg Packaging and Printing

Sheylyn Grasmick, Customer Service Manager