Case is TREE-mendously Committed to Sustainability!

At Case Paper we are 100% on board with a more sustainable future in the industry and leaving the world better than we found it! We’re actively making changes at every level of our company by focusing on the 3 Ps: Planet, People, and Product.


We believe that owning our environmental footprint and staying committed to responsible environmental stewardship is essential to moving forward, not just as a company but as an industry. We’ve replaced the lighting in all of our facilities with LED’s to significantly decrease our associated waste and overall energy consumption. Our warehouses are even getting an upgrade to motion sensing light systems! At Case, we’re all about bright ideas! That’s why we’ve converted our Chicago facility to renewable energy by installing solar panels on the roof! Our goal is to generate 900,000 k/WH year, which would account for 90% of our facility’s energy to be generated by solar. Read the entire story in our “Articles” section below!

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Planting Trees with


Case has partnered with Paperboard Packaging Council’s “Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees” (TICCIT) program to help educate the next generation about renewability and sustainability. The TICCIT curriculum teaches students that trees are a sustainable crop just like fruits and veggies and highlights the importance of recycling. In addition, TICCIT beautifies the community by increasing the number of trees planted. We’re proud to say that through this program and our other sustainability initiatives, we’ve planted 114 trees!


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Our Target


We are seasoned experts at cutting paper, but in the last few years we’ve also gotten good at cutting down on office and factory waste as well. Trim waste from sheeters has been on the decline–check out where we were and how we’re now crushing our goals!


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People always come first at Case Paper. We pride ourselves on consistently providing a safe, supportive, diverse, and inclusive work environment from the factory floors to the offices. When we say we’re “On the Case,” it’s more than just an impeccable pun: it’s a company-wide initiative that encourages everyone at Case Paper to go above and beyond for customers, fellow employees, and the communities around us.

“Served with Love” at

Ronald McDonald House

During April of 2023, our Philly team members were “On the Case,” volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House’s “Served With Love” program. Our employees prepared and served dinner to the families staying at the house while their children were being treated at the nearby Children’s Hospital. We love to support and volunteer at local organizations such as this one that our staff are passionate about!

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Our Target

Team Member Engagement

Part of owning it (one of our core values) is knowing how we’re doing and where we can improve. We survey our team members two times per year for feedback and actively encourage them to participate. We have lofty goals, but we’re continuing to grow!

Our Target


At Case, we’re taking initiatives to ensure that all of our Production Supervisors and Managers are trained on the latest OSHA standards for General Industry work practices by offering OSHA courses to our employees. We’re also requiring all our Production Supervisors and Managers to be First Aid and CPR trained. We’ve even saved time and energy as a company by lowering our LTIR (Lost Time Incident Ratio), DART (Days Away Restricted or Transferred) and TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Ratio) numbers, as well as overall recordable incidents since 2020!


Of course, the most direct way to affect positive change in the paper industry is through our products! We’re exploring expanding our sustainability mill partnerships and aiming to meet goals set forth by ourselves and others. We’re also exploring alternative materials and investing in product development and R&D in response to changing industry standards.

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Sustainable Products

As a part of our sustainability commitments, check out our portfolio of products with responsibly managed certifications, that contain Post Consumer Waste, or are made of recycled material!

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