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$ Per Linear Ft/Yd

Convert the MSF U.S. dollar price (found with this calculator) for a roll of paper to its linear foot or linear yard price.

(MSF Price × Roll Width) ÷ 12,000 = $ per linear foot
(MSF Price × Roll Width) ÷ 4,000 = $ per linear yard

The price per linear foot for a roll of paper with a width of 26.75′′ and an MSF price of $31.50 is ($31.50 × 26.75) ÷ 12,000 = $0.0702. The price per linear yard for a roll of paper with a width of 26.75′′ and an MSF price of $31.50 is ($31.50 × 26.75) ÷ 4,000 = $0.2107

$ Per Linear Ft:

$ Per Linear Yd:

When shopping for paper, it’s easy to get on a roll, and forget to make the exact calculations you need for your specific project. However, remember that you’ll also need to consider paper price and paper amount. Our handy calculator makes it quick and easy to convert between pricing methods and find the right amount of paper for your needs. Here are questions you may have when you need to use our linear foot and yard price calculator.

How do we define MSF price compared to linear foot and yard price?

We know all the industry lingo can sound a little confusing, but the basic concept is actually pretty easy to grasp. MSF price is a price that tells you how much a product will cost for 1,000 square feet worth of product. Meanwhile, linear foot price tells you how much it would cost for each foot of product you want to buy, and linear yard price tells you the cost for each linear yard of material. Our MSF price to linear foot and yard price calculator can take the MSF price, and let you know the linear foot price and yard price for the same type of paper. 

What can I use this linear foot and yard price calculator for?

Have you ever been in the middle of paper shopping and suddenly realized you have no clue which product is best for your project? Different paper products can be priced by MSF, linear foot, yard, or even MSI. All these various metrics can make it tricky to compare all your options. Is 3,000 feet of one product cheaper than 500 yards of another? This is the type of question where our pricing calculator comes to the rescue. It can quickly convert between the different measurement options and tell you an estimate of how much that paper would cost in your preferred measurement. In just seconds, you can compare different choices to see which sizes and styles work with your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MSF mean in pricing?

MSF stands for 1,000 square feet of a product. The acronym comes from the fact that “M” is the Roman numeral for 1,000, and “SF” stands for square feet. MSF is a handy way of determining how much paper is in a product regardless of how wide the paper is, how long the paper is, and whether the paper is divided into sheets or placed in a single continuous roll. 

How do you calculate paper price per linear foot?

The linear foot (LF) price for paper is found using this formula, “$/MSF x roll width/ 12,000= $Linear Foot.” Don’t want to memorize that? No problem! You can click “Show Formula” on our calculator. Who says buying paper has to be hard?

How do you convert MSF price to linear foot price?

If you have the MSF price and roll width for the product you’re interested in, calculating the paper price per linear foot is fairly straightforward. Take the MSF price and multiply it by the width of the roll. Then divide that number by 12,000 to get the price per linear foot. Don’t forget that you can always use our calculator to get a quick answer without having to do the math yourself.

How do you convert linear foot price (paper price per linear foot) to linear yard price (paper price per linear yard)?

Paper price per linear yard is less common, but it is something that can come up every now and then. If you need to find the paper price per linear yard, just take the linear foot price and divide it by three. An even quicker way to figure out the price is to use our linear foot and yard price calculator! 

How do you convert SF (square foot) price to LF (linear foot) price?

Square foot price looks at the total area for a paper product, so it takes both length and width into account. Meanwhile, linear foot only looks at the length of the product. To find the linear foot price, you’ll need to start by multiplying the SF price times 1,000 to get the MSF price. Then you can use the standard MSF to LF price conversion to find the LF price.

How do you find the width and length of paper?

To get accurate size information, you’ll typically need to know the length and width of the type of paper you want to purchase. You can find these details by looking up the product on our website. The product description should give you all the measurements you need to estimate the price, but you will need to talk to one of our friendly representatives to get a price quote. 

What’s the difference between a foot and a square foot?

A square foot is a measurement of area while a foot is a measurement of length. Essentially, you can think of the area as the total surface of a piece of paper while the length is just one edge of the paper. One square foot is equal to the amount of distance in a square that is one foot long and one foot wide. 

What does MSI mean in pricing?

MSI is another pricing measurement that you might run into while you’re browsing paper for sale. MSI stands for 1,000 square inches of paper. This measurement is often used for types of paper that come in smaller packages. By the way, we have a Price per MSI/MSF calculator if you find you need that as well! 

How long is a ream of paper?

The answer to this question always depends on the paper you’re looking at. A standard ream is typically 500 sheets of paper. If you’re interested in buying paper in this form, you can find the linear foot measurement of the paper by multiplying a sheet’s length by 500. Just check with us if you need any help!

Who made this linear foot and yard price calculator?

We are so glad you asked! We are Case Paper, a premium paper and board company that has been in business for over 80 years! We love to be “On the Case” to find our customers exactly what they need. Feel free to check out all of our paper calculators for your paper calculation needs; we’ve got way more than just this linear foot and yard price calculator.

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