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Estimate the thousands of square inches (MSI) and square feet (MSF) in a roll of paper of a given grade and basis weight.

Weight of Roll ÷ (Basis Weight ÷ [Area of Basic Size]) × 2 = MSI ÷ 144 = MSF

The MSI and MSF for a 900-pound roll of 80# book paper is 900 ÷ (80 ÷ [25×38]) × 2 = 5,344 MSI ÷ 144 = 37.111 MSF

Result (MSI):

Result (MSF):

What Is MSF and what can I use it for?

As you may know from other measurements in the paper industry (or from movie credits), the “M” in MSF means one-thousand and comes from the Roman numeral. The “SF” stands for “Square Feet.” Put it all together and you’ve got one-thousand square feet. Knowing this measurement can help you to determine how much paper or paperboard you need for your project.

In that case, what does MSI stand for and how does it help with paper ordering?

Similar to MSF, MSI has an “M” that means one-thousand and an “S” that stands for “square.” If you’re particularly astute, you might guess that the “I” stands for “Inches!” That means MSI means “one-thousand square inches.” Perfect for precise paperboard purchasing, MSI, like MSF, will help you calculate the amount of paperboard or rolls needed for your print job.

What does this measurement tell you?

Measurements can’t talk! If this measurement could talk, though, it would tell you that it is helpful to know MSI and MSF when you are purchasing paper or board in rolls or sheets. This can help you to calculate how much paperboard (how many rolls or sheets) you will need when you are planning a print job. 

This MSI/MSF calculator can help you get a handle on the economics of your printing projects. Whether you’re planning a small print run or a large-scale production, understanding how many thousand sheets are in a unit area assists you with planning how much product to buy.

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Using The MSI/MSF Calculator

Ready to use our MSI/MSF calculator? Just type in the paper grade and size, basis weight, and roll weight. Press “Calculate” and get the result you need!

MSI/MSF Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about MSI or MSF? We, as paper and paperboard professionals, are here to help!

How do you calculate MSI or MSF?

Unsurprisingly, we would tend to recommend using our calculator above. We promise it’s easy! However, if you are the type of person that really likes to dig into the numbers, you can see the formula by clicking “Show Formula” above. You’ll see that the formula you need is Weight of Roll ÷ (Basis Weight ÷ [Area of Basic Size]) × 2 = MSI ÷ 144 = MSF. Whether you want to do the math or you want us to do it for you, this calculator page can help!

What is the difference between MSI and MSF?

The difference between MSI and MSF is inches versus feet. The “I” stands for “inches” and the “F” stands for “feet,” and both have an “M” for one-thousand. This means that MSF gives you an amount in thousand square feet, while MSI gives you an amount in thousand square inches.

What is MSF in length? 

MSF is a measure of how much paper or paperboard you will get on a roll. As we mentioned above, M comes from the Roman numeral for one-thousand, and the “SF” means Square Feet. So, MSF refers to thousands per square feet.

What does MSI measurement stand for?

Happy to clear things up for you! MSI is a measurement that means “thousand per square inch,” and when it comes to paper and board, this measurement will help you figure out how much you need to order.

How do you calculate price per MSI? Price per MSF?

Calculating price per MSI and price per MSF lets you estimate the price of the paper you plan to buy, without weight differential becoming an issue. How do we recommend you calculate it? You guessed it–use another of our calculators! Check out our nifty Price per MSI/MSF Calculator to make those calculations simple. Of course, the only way to actually price your order is to talk to a Case Paper representative. Fortunately, they’re very friendly and helpful!

How do I convert MSI to MSF or MSF to MSI? Do I need an MSF to MSI calculator?

Looking to go from MSF to MSI, or from MSI to MSF? You probably don’t need a separate MSF to MSI calculator. To go from MSF to MSI, just multiply by 144, and to convert from MSI to MSF, divide by 144. Every once in a while, doing the math yourself might actually be the quickest option (but don’t tell our algebra teachers they were right).

Who are the lovely folks who thoughtfully created this incredibly handy calculator?

Maybe those weren’t exactly the words you’d use, but we’d still love to make your acquaintance! We are Case Paper, a premium paper and paperboard company with an over 80-year history! Over these many decades, we have stayed “On the Case” to make sure our customers get the high-quality paper and board they need for printing, publishing, packaging, and more! One of our favorite things to do is make our customers’ lives easier, so we provide a whole host of paper and price calculators for all your mathematical needs! Learn more about us; we hope this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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