Match the Quote to the Character

In order to be On The Case, team communication is key. Unfortunately, some of our wires got crossed. Can you help us by being On the Case to match the quote to the correct Case character? We’ve got to get this job out to the customer ASAP!!


A. “Ready to ship, even if it’s to a land far, far away.”

B. “Tall orders are no problem.”

C. “It’s necessary to trim any ruff edges.”

D. “Forklifts are so last year—now we’re using storklifts!”

E. “For someone with little arms, I’m a big fan of large print formats.”

F. “Got a question about this job? I’m all ears!”

G. “This print is bananas.”

H. “Happy to stick my neck out when it comes to quality control.”

I. “I love to add the FINishing touches…”

J. “Colorful prints are afoot!”

K. “Nothing like a quality press sheet to make your stomach flutter!”


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ANSWER KEY: A:5, B:1, C:10, D:3, E:11, F:4, G:6, H:9, I:2, J:7, K:8