The Political Paper-bilities are Endless with Stallion™ Plus

We’re On the Case for all your political needs and more! And our grade, Stallion Plus, is the perfect candidate! With our large inventory from coast-to-coast, we have what you need ready to go, whether it’s for posters, postcards, mailers, palm cards, and more! Not sure which end application is right for you? Read on!

Postcards and Mailers:

Direct mailers are an easy way to promote candidates and get messages to votes. Brochures and postcards are cost-effective and memorable.






Palm Cards:

Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet impactful enough to command attention, campaign palm cards are the ideal way to share information quickly and easily!






Posters and Flyers:

Good old posters, with their vibrant colors and ability to grab attention in public spaces, remain a classic campaign element.

Consider us a swing state because we’ll go whichever way you need!

Why Elect Stallion Plus?

  • Large consistent inventory
  • Single coating on one side, double coating on the other
  • Lower basis weight, but meets postage regulation caliper
  • High yield & big savings!

Visit our contact page or get in touch with your local sales representative for more information on how to make your political d’reams a reality!