Extra, extra — read all about it! Case Paper is thrilled to announce Sophia Negron is now its newest Inside Sales Representative!

To be fair, it didn’t take a lot of investigative reporting to predict this, because Sophia’s a rising star. Just a few months ago, Sophia was promoted to Production Supervisor at Case — previously thriving in the Purchasing Department for 10 years. As everyone knows, there’s no such thing as overnight success. Hard work and commitment led Sophia to this new position!

And just like any superstar should, Sophia’s treating herself to her very first home. Her skills will come in handy when she furnishes it, because another one of her many talents is refurbishing furniture! Whether she’s finding the pieces at thrift markets or garage sales, she’s able to bring new life to items that would normally be discarded. This talent matches perfectly with Case Paper’s commitment to recycling and protecting our environment, and for that, Sophia deserves a standing ovation!

So, congratulations to Sophia. It’s time for her to kick back and enjoy another viewing of her favorite movie, “Beetlejuice.” Sophia’s coworkers at Case are excited to watch her thrive in this new role. As Beetlejuice would say, “It’s SHOWTIME!”