Get ready Florida because after adding 22,000 sq. ft to our facility, we’re going to “party in the city where the heat is on.”

Unfortunately, we did not have Will Smith singing in our now 110 thousand square foot facility (due to scheduling conflicts), but the new space has been a hit.

“This expansion has given us the opportunity to space out our production area more, which allows for a better work flow,” shared Glen Braziel, Florida Division Manager at Case Paper.

The addition includes 2 more rail car doors, 2 more loading docks, and another will call ramp which has made loading and unloading a more efficient process.

“It’s still to be determined if we will use the additional space to hold aerobics or step classes,” said Simon Schaffer-Goldman, CMO and Vice President of Business Development at Case Paper, “but what we do know is that all this extra room will allow us to better service our customers and it aligns with our growth plans for the future.”