Harrison, NY – Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Case Paper Company has announced the winners of the 4th annual On the Case Customer Awards. In lieu of chicken dinners, which proved difficult to ship nationwide, winners received custom plaques in recognition of their efforts.

The On the Case Awards were created to recognize companies in the printing and packaging industries that go above and beyond for their customers. Companies receive nominations based on their exceptional products, services, and company partnerships and operations. Winners are often the total package, demonstrating complete commitment to creating a great place to work, delivering wonderful results for customers, and enriching their community and industry.

The 22 awards given out this year cover a wide range of areas. Please see the complete list below:

  1. AJ Images, Inc. wins the “Stock, Rattle, and Roll Award” for being high-velocity rock stars for their customers.
  2. Arrow International wins “The Winning Ticket Award” for using Metsä for the pull tab lottery business.
  3. BP Solutions Group wins the “We (Always) Got You Award” for problem solving, fostering excellent relationships, and bringing joy to others.
  4. Brilliant Graphics wins the “Superior Paper-Bilities Award” for their passionate dedication to their craft and fostering a wonderful working environment.
  5. California Green Press wins “The Green Machine Award” for enriching the community, promoting sustainable solutions, and saving the planet, one printed piece at a time.
  6. Cardinal Color Group wins the “Teamwork Makes the Reamwork Award” for going above and beyond in their community and being a group that Case knows it can always count on.
  7. Castle Pierce wins the “Silver Lining Award” for bringing shimmer and shine to customers’ projects.
  8. Indexx Inc. wins the “Keep on Truckin’ Award” for completing challenging projects and overcoming obstacles.
  9. K-1 Packaging Group wins the “American Beauty Award” for delivering top-quality (and gorgeous) custom packaging solutions for all consumer products.
  10. Largus Graphix Solutions wins “The Glue of The Operation Award” for being a dependable and long-lasting source of inspiration, innovation, information, and motivation.
  11. Letterhead Press Inc. wins the “Ink Outside The Box Award” for creating a winning packaging with dedicated innovation.
  12. Mankato Packaging wins the “Brew-tiful Packaging Award” for their beautiful work with micro-brewery carrier packaging and other specialty applications.
  13. Menasha Packaging wins the “Doctor Phil-Anthropy Award” for being pillars of the community and raising hundreds of thousands for charity.
  14. Mittera wins the “Game Changers Award” for constantly improving, expanding, evolving, and being leaders in the packaging industry.
  15. Rex 3 wins the “Beauty is in the Card of the Beholder Award” for turning cards into stunning works of art.
  16. SeaChange wins the “Limitless Print-Bilities Award” for raising the bar in digital, packaging, and full-service printing as a women-owned company.
  17. Sepire wins the “Dig This Digital Award” for superior digital roll and networking capabilities.
  18. Tepel Brothers Printing wins “The Silver Bullet Award” for specializing in exceptional Sonata™ Silver Packaging with the quickest turnaround time in the business.
  19. The John Roberts Company wins “The Big Green Heart Award” for bringing powerful and positive sustainable solutions to the community.
  20. The Yebo Group, Inc. wins the “Lamination Station Award” for their tireless dedication to producing top-quality products.
  21. Tyndell Photographic wins the “Hall of Framers Award” for being the full (photo) package for all of their customers.
  22. VISOgraphic wins the “Partners in Print Award” for always coming through for their partners and customers when it counts.

“Case Paper’s partners are a constant source of inspiration for us,” said Simon Schaffer-Goldman, President, Case Paper. “Seeing how they go the extra mile for their customers and drive our industry forward has influenced how we operate, and we’re excited to celebrate them with the OTC awards.”