Paper 2.Pro

For many people, math is an extremely valuable skill that was learned and then promptly forgotten. But hey! Don’t let that slow your roll! Case’s new Paper Pros App makes calculating, converting, and comparing paper and paperboard products as easy as sheeting fish in a barrel. Designed with simplicity in mind, this new app makes it effortless to:

  • Calculate sizes
  • Determine weights
  • Measure thickness
  • Convert units…and more!

Swipe smarter, not harder, and download the app today for access to all these features and a roll lot more. If paper calculations leave you feeling “board,” what are you weight-ing for?

Available now on Google Play and Apple

Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Paper Pros App is available for download, wherever you get your apps (not including restaurants). Click below to download today:


More Case Paper Products 

You’ve downloaded the Paper Pros App, what now? Why not test it out with a product from Case’s wide selection of paper, paperboard, and specialty substrates? Whatever your paper needs might be from product packaging to in-store signage, Case has you covered (literally). Explore our full stock of products HERE.