Two’s a crowd, but three’s a party! Between Case Paper, Stora Enso, and Holmen Iggesund, this is certainly a celebration worth attending. These new mill partnerships bring three powerhouse paperboards to Case Paper: CKB, CKB Carrier, and Invercote Creato. Cheers to that!

Stora CKB and CKB Carrier

Parties need ice-cold beverages and tasty snacks, and of course, something sturdy to carry ‘em. That’s where CKB and CKB Carrier come in; both are approved for direct food contact and meet all relevant regulations.

Stora CKB is a strong and reliable board made from renewable virgin fiber. It has a smooth white surface for excellent printability, and an unbleached inner layer for additional integrity and eco-friendliness. This board grade’s composition can withstand moist and tepid conditions, keeping any product in tip-top shape regardless of environmental factors!

CKB Carrier features a similar composition but is the real party MVP (most valuable paperboard) due to its ability to carry beverages. CKB Carrier boasts the highest tear resistance in the marketplace, making it perfect for glass bottle carriers, multi-packs, and handle-style packaging. Sounds brew-tiful!

These boards also have numerous eco-friendly features ranging from kraft backing to biobased coating options, PEFC certifications, FSC certifications (available by request), and more.

Holmen Iggesund Invercote Creato

Invercote Creato is the party guest everyone wants to talk to. It’s strong and super smooth (thanks to hardwood fibers), has a lifetime of stories to tell (thanks to its patented, shelf-life-extending coating), and takes great pictures (digitally compatible, with amazing color reproduction and contrast). It also folds without cracking, so can fit in any desired space!

Creato’s versatility makes it a great option for product packaging in a wide range of industries. Plus, its fibers are from sustainable sources, it has multiple eco-certifications, and EcoVadis ranks it in the top 1% of sustainable paperboards!

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