Have you ever been to Arizona in the summer? If so, you understand that sometimes not having a coat is the way to go. Choosing the right paper is sort of like that, and making the right paper choice can be the difference when it comes to leaving a lasting im-press-ion. Uncoated paper presents a range of unique benefits and can really help elevate your brand’s message! What are those benefits? We’re glad you asked…

Uncoated Paper: The Natural Choice 

So, what is uncoated paper? First, uncoated paper really doesn’t like wearing jackets, coats, or even sweaters. This is great in the summer, but in colder climates, uncoated paper can get a bit chilly. Fortunately, that doesn’t affect its performance as a paper! 

Uncoated paper boasts a natural, matte texture, unlike coated paper which can have a range of different textures and finishes. This subtle difference can significantly impact the perception of your brand. Here’s why uncoated paper might be the perfect fit for your business marketing materials:

  • Emphasis on Readability: The high ink absorption of uncoated paper ensures crisp, clear text that’s easy to read, keeping your message front and center. Ink-redible!
  • A Natural Aesthetic: Uncoated papers are understated, but sophisticated—like James Bond at the grocery store. This look complements a variety of design approaches.
  • Environmentally Friendly Option: Many uncoated papers are produced with recycled content and FSC® certification, without additional chemical treatments, demonstrating your brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Never Loses its Keys: Uncoated paper doesn’t wear a coat. Thus, it has fewer pockets and can generally keep track of smaller items like keys, wallets, phones, and the like.

Uncoated Paper at Case Paper

Case Paper offers a diverse selection of uncoated paper options to suit your specific marketing needs. From flyers, menus, brochures and business, we have the perfect paper to make your brand shine:

  • Sustana FSC®: High-performing and sustainable, ideal for showcasing your eco-conscious approach.
  • Finch: A classic, timeless with a smooth, uncoated finish for a touch of elegance.
  • Sunshine™ Opaque: Opaque and bright, perfect for flyers and brochures that demand attention.
  • Case Offset: Our versatile workhorse is well-suited for a wide range of marketing applications.
  • Norpac:  A cost-effective option that delivers quality without breaking the bank.
  • Willamette Falls:  Eco-friendly and functional. A great choice for everyday business printing needs.
  • Monadnock FSC®: Sustainable and boasting a superior writing surface.

Plus, we’ve got plenty more uncoated options — reach out to our team to find one that’s right for you! Or reach out just to say hi, we love chatting.

Choosing the Right Uncoated Paper for Your Project

Consider these factors to ensure you pick the ideal uncoated paper for your marketing materials: 

  • Weight: Some paper is thick (like a bowl of oatmeal). Some is thin (like a bowl of oatmeal made with too much water). Each type has range of benefits for various projects.
  • Brightness: A brighter paper offers a sharper contrast for text and images, ideal for high-impact visuals.
  • Sustainability: FSC®-certified uncoated papers like Sustana FSC® and Monadnock FSC® showcase your environmental responsibility. Reach out to learn about other offerings, as well!
  • Lunch: Personally, we don’t like to make paper purchasing decisions on an empty stomach. Make sure you have a nice lunch. Maybe oatmeal.

Can I knit a small sweater for my uncoated paper? 

Like we said, uncoated paper doesn’t really like sweaters. So, you can certainly try, but it may just politely say “Wow, this is great—and just my size!” before trying it on once and then tossing the sweater in the back of its closet, opting instead for its usual uncoated approach.

Get Expert Advice and Unmatched Selection

Still have questions about uncoated paper for your marketing materials? Our knowledgeable representatives at Case Paper are here to help. We can discuss your project’s specific needs and recommend the perfect paper to make your brand statement a success. Give us a call at (888) CASE-1ST.