Harrison, NY – Case Paper proudly introduces Jeff Johnson as the latest star signing in the role of Vice President of Supply Chain. Johnson’s entry onto the Case team is like a perfectly executed penalty kick – strategic, precise, and destined to score big wins.

Joining the lineup on July 5th, 2023, Johnson’s playbook reads like a seasoned pro’s career highlights. His experience in areas such as Supply Chain, purchasing, capital expense management, and orchestrating seamless supply processes reflects the finesse of a skilled midfielder orchestrating plays.

As a former Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurements at National Dentex and a pivotal player as Vice President of Supply Chain Operations at PACE, his expertise and passion are evident. His negotiation skills could put a match-winning free-kick to shame, while seamlessly negotiating with and subsequently partnering with freight giants like FedEx and UPS.

Johnson’s skills are impressive. While he could be helping Frodo take back the ring, dancing the night away to EDM, or running logistics for the Liverpool football (or as Americans say, soccer) team – instead, he’s dedicated to making Case Paper the MVP of the paper industry. This endeavor should be a breeze for the ultra-marathoner, especially compared to the 50K race he participated in earlier this year! We’re stoked to welcome Jeff to the Case Paper team!