The power of collaborating in today’s business market has become an invaluable tool for growth and success.

Metsä Board originally began working with HP Indigo to test paperboard on their new HP Indigo Digital Presses, and Case Paper has joined them to collaborate for the DSCOOP Edge Indy 2024 event on March 24-27th.  The partnership uses Metsä Board’s Prime FBB Bright paperboard which is HP Certified to run on the HP Indigo platforms, while Case Paper has the supplied custom-sheeted stock to run at the event.

HP Indigo Presses provide excellent runnability and good ink adhesion on the Prime FBB Bright.

Some of the product’s features include:

  • It is a bleached, fully coated paperboard with a coated back ideal for luxury packaging and graphical end use.
  • This grade combines superb brightness, whiteness, and stiffness.
  • Its dashing white look, bluish white shade and excellent printability will be enhanced with the new HP Indigo Press.

Sustainability Highlights for Metsä Mill:

  • Safeguard forest biodiversity through sustainable forest management.
  • Ensure more wood grows than what is harvested.
  • Do not harvest from old growth forests and do not contribute to deforestation.
  • 90% of the production energy Metsä Board uses is fossil free, and about half of the energy is from wood-based production side streams.
  • All mills only use surface water for production, not groundwater. They return 96% of the water back to nature after circulating it 12-14 times.
  • Metsä Board has 100% traceability of their wood based raw materials.

Celebrating 80+ years of business, Case Paper has 5 distribution locations plus a lamination & coating facility. It is the largest privately held distributor and converter of paper and paperboard for the printing and converting industries.

Case Paper services the printing and packaging community nationwide, selling products that are perfect for digital and commercial printing equipment. As such, Case Paper is able to offer services like:

  • Converting standard and custom rolls and sheets, rolls as narrow as 3” widths and sheets up to 60” x 120”.
  • Large Prime FBB Bright inventory in master roll sizes from 8.3pt up to 23.6pt.
  • Converting capabilities for all HP sizes and other specialized digital equipment.
  • Offer quick turnarounds to accommodate the market demands that come with digital printing.

Sustainability Highlights from Case Paper:

  • Solar panels utilize 90% renewable energy in their Chicago, IL facility.
  • Support the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Philadelphia area.
  • In 2022, they had 2.76% converting waste down from 5.25%.
  • FSC, SFI, and PEFC certified.

DSCOOP Edge Indy 2024 will showcase exciting industry announcements. Karen Kromat, Sustainability Manager at Case Paper and Chris Rowoth, Technical Services Director at Metsä Board will be attending the event and look forward to speaking with the other individuals in the industry about this collaboration with HP.