Case Paper is elated to announce that Mandy Moore has joined the team as Inside Sales Service Specialist at its North Carolina division — working to produce new sales and new customers, all while building existing customer sales. Moore, along with sharing an iconic name with the legendary pop star and actor, has over 25 years of experience in commercial printing and paper converting. With her storied career, she’s built phenomenal relationships with customers — helping the companies she worked for previously to grow their sales.

But enough about her career in paper, what else should you know about Mandy? Described by her peers as resilient, encouraging, and honest, when she’s not knocking it out of the park on all things paper, she loves taking her 15-year-old son to basketball games and going camping with her family. Besides growing and thriving at Case in the next year, she would love to win the lottery. Shooting for the stars in all aspects of life!

Much like her desire to win the lottery (and you really never know!), Mandy’s music playlist is also full of surprises. And one more surprise – her husband has 10 beagles — 10! — that he hunts with, and she has two rescue hound-mixes of her own. Welcome to the Case team, Mandy!