Case Paper is thrilled to introduce John Burback as its newest team member in the role of Account Executive. Joining us from the land of 10,000 lakes and “you betcha,” John will help bring a vast array of paper and paperboard options to Minnesota! With his sales expertise and infectious enthusiasm, Case Paper is honored to have him “On the Case.”

Burback has left no stone unturned in mastering the art of paper. From working for printers to selling paperboard, he’s practically a paper superhero!   Whether it’s finding the perfect stock or saving the day when supplies run low, John’s resourcefulness and ability to adapt in uncertain situations allow him to defeat unexpected challenges.

When he’s not immersed in the paper world, John’s either fishing or rocking the sports world as a coach. And not just one sport, but THREE; basketball, football, and baseball. His youth football team even made it to the state tournament this year!

John is also preparing to tackle a half marathon. Fueled by his favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers playlist, he’ll be channeling his favorite Minnesota Viking, Adam Thielen, to dominate the race. Welcome to the Case team, John!