Swatchbooks and color charts featuring the full range of colors on Sonata silver and rainbow board enable designers and brand managers to quickly and positively specify the exact special effect desired when using metallic substrates for packaging applications.

Certified by Color-Logic’s Process Metallic Color System, the color charts facilitate a clear and reliable path of communication from concept to finished product, eliminating trial and error press runs.

Simon Schaffer, Case Paper CMO, said, “Certification of our substrates assures graphic designers and printers of consistent integrity and performance when producing luxury packaging, signage, or displays, including economical special effects that are unattainable with any other process.”

Utilizing the swatchbooks and color charts for Sonata silver and rainbow board, brand managers and graphic designers now can see how colors render on metallic substrates.

“The swatchbooks are an excellent tool,” added Schaffer. “They reliably predict how the colors will appear on the press, each and every time.”

View a video of the Sonata Rainbow color chart, as well as Sonata Silver.