New York, NY – Despite being known primarily for high-quality paper, paperboard, specialty products, and conversion services, Case Paper is also devoted to cracking the mysteries of time in space. Case’s most recent issue of its humorous yet informative magazine, Between the Sheets (BTS), represents a big step forward in this field, as the company has managed to make time fold in on itself! Though Case Paper was primarily sharing its expansive history and iconic print pieces from each decade, demystifying the time and space continuum was a nice bonus.

In this issue of BTS, Case Paper’s epic 80-year history is condensed into a more palatable (or, shall we say, pallet-able) 10 pages. Through a series of vibrant spreads, each of which demonstrates a unique printed piece to showcase all the things paper can do, Case Paper takes the reader on a journey through time.

From the business’s humble 1943 beginnings in a former NYC horse stable, to the “roll” Case played in the British Invasion (the fun musical one in the 1960s, not the less-fun one in the 1700s), all the way to the modern era—BTS 3 shares Case’s history in a way that won’t leave you board. It also explores our core values, and the wonderful people at Case who bring them to life.

This issue of Case Paper’s signature magazine series features intricate die-cuts, fun activities, and hidden easter eggs, all wrapped up in a sleek homage to Back To The Future’s time-traveling car. In its pages, you’ll find a timeline of Case’s history, recollections of some iconic moments, a look into the company’s sustainability efforts, and more!

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