Case is thrilled to announce that its California & Indiana divisions are now ‘outfitted’ with brand new thermal sheetfed laminators! These state-of-the-art machines will take print performance to a whole new level and further the company’s mission to stay true to its 3 R’s – being reliable, resourceful, and responsive.

So, how does it work? As sheets are fed through the laminators, a thermally activated adhesive layer is softened by heated nip rollers before being pressed onto the substrate, which yields a laminated product that’s as sturdy as it is versatile!

What does this mean for customers? For one thing, these laminators allow printed products to be protected with tear-resistant or poly overlaminate, resulting in increased durability and extended shelf life. They also provide Case the ability to offer a wider array of films that are printable or serve as overlaminates, accentuate brilliantly rich and vibrant colors, and apply tactile surfaces such as soft touch, grit, linen, or leather. These machines can even laminate a variety of substrates up to 40 pt. thickness!

From print pieces such as book covers and trading cards to packaging for cosmetics and electronics, the applications of this technology are myriad. Our Director of Business Development, Arika Stoecker, says, “Sheet Lamination allows us to offer a value-added service to new and existing customers within our Case Paper and Case Makes business platforms.  It highlights our unique commitment to being resourceful strategically placed in Indiana and California to complement our wet lamination services and help our west coast partners meet quick go to market deadlines”.

Whatever your packaging needs, employees at Case pride themselves on being On the Case, and these thermal sheetfed laminators are just another way they have you – quite literally – covered!