Move over Michael Jordan, Chicago’s got a new star! Case Paper is excited to welcome Chad Brajercik as its new Head of Operations in Chicago. Chad brings a jovial, caring, and energetic leadership style to the team, and is tasked with overseeing the Chicago branch and improving overall efficiency across Case’s operations in the region. Furthermore, as a people-focused leader, his primary goal is to help Case employees achieve what they find to be their own personal successes.

Chad brings an im-press-ive resume to the table, and his wealth of experience is sure to help Case Paper Chicago excel. Before joining Case, Chad honed his skills by working across a few operational “rolls” in chemical production, water technologies, and more. He even has considerable experience in packaging and container manufacturing—he really is the total package!

When Chad isn’t busy being On the Case for his teams, you can find him enjoying warm weather, live music, or a trip to the beach with his wife, Brittany. He’s also an avid golfer, which will help him fit right into the company’s sustainability-focused culture—he’s always going for the green! Plus, he’s got a fluffy Pomeranian named Arro (pronounced ‘Arrow’)—so Case’s newsletters will certainly benefit from some cute pictures, as well.

Chad’s extensive experience in the industry and penchant for efficient process management will be an asset to Case, and his leadership style is poised to unfold greatness for the Chicago division.