Sunshine™ Plus Opaque FSC®

FSC® certified and 10% PCW Sunshine™ Plus Opaque is the Disney Plus of papers—with the premium quality and highly versatile content you expect from a name you love—plus some. Plus opaque. Plus whiteness. Plus more baby Yoda.*

*Baby Yoda did not approve this collaboration, but please do your best to picture him. Not for the paper. Just for yourself. It’s fun.


Caliper* Brightness (GE)
65# 8.8 96
80# 10.5 96
100# 13.3 96


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (GE)
35# 2.5 96
40# 2.8 96
45# 3.2 96
50# 3.4 96
60# 4 96
70# 4.7 96
80# 5.3 96
100# 7.1(min.) 96
120# 8.3 96

Available Locations

Philadelphia*, PA

499 East Tioga Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134

(215) 634-6500

Chicago*, IL

900 West 45th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

(773) 927-4151

Los Angeles*, CA

9168 Hermosa Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 476-1500

Miami*, FL

3333 N.W. 116th Street

Miami, FL 33167

(305) 681-2273

High Point*, NC

2018 Brevard Road

High Point, NC 27263

(336) 887-2651

Get Acquainted with Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC: Premium Opaque Paper That Always Looks on The Bright Side

Ready to let a little sunshine into your life? Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC lives up to its name, with a bright finish that will make your words and graphics shine. This North American grade opaque paper has a high level of brightness that never fails to make an impression. All its available calipers feature a 96 GE brightness, so you might need to put on a pair of shades just to look at it.

More About Sunshine Plus: Sustainable, Uncoated Opaque Paper Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the main features of Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC?

Sunshine Plus is a North American grade, FSC-certified premium opaque paper designed with sustainability in mind. This paper is a very eco-friendly uncoated grade. We call that a bright idea, because this paper’s brightness is off the charts. That’s right: you don’t have to sacrifice brightness when you choose uncoated paper!

2. What environmental certifications does Sunshine Plus have, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification?

Sunshine Plus has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. It is made of 10% post-consumer waste (PCW). PCW basically means paper that someone tossed into a recycling bin, and then it was gloriously reborn into this fresh, premium paper phoenix, or, flamingo, as the case may be. This just once again proves that you can care about the environment while crafting high-end, beautiful materials. 

3. What is the difference between coated paper and uncoated paper? What is opaque paper better for?

Coated paper doesn’t get cold when it starts to snow! You know, because it has a coat. Just kidding, coated paper means that the paper is coated in a material that makes it smoother than uncoated paper, and it absorbs less ink. Images printed on coated paper tend to look sharper. However, that doesn’t mean that coated paper is right for every project. Coated paper is generally not the best option for anything that you want people to write on after it is printed, for example. 

Uncoated paper, on the other hand, is absorbent, so ink spreads out a bit on it. It has a slightly less smooth surface than coated paper. If you are printing something designed for people to write on, such as an invitation RSVP card or a journal, uncoated paper is a better choice than coated paper. Uncoated paper would also work well for something particularly text heavy, like that novel you’re definitely going to finish one day!

4. What is the “FSC” in Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC? What is FSC Certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, is an international nonprofit organization that evaluates whether forests are being sustainably managed. FSC International is headquartered in Germany, while FSC US is headquartered in Minnesota. 

FSC works with representatives of industry, non-governmental organizations, and community organizations, endeavoring to unite the interests of these stakeholders around sustainable use and conservation of forests. 

One of the primary ways that FSC ensures sustainable harvesting of forests is through the certifications it issues. FSC certification means that a product complies with FSC standards, which aim to promote, “zero deforestation, safeguarding of ancient and endangered forests, fair wage and work environment, biodiversity preservation, [and] community rights, including the rights of Indigenous Peoples.” Sunshine Plus’ FSC label shows that Case Paper shares these values.

5. Where do I place my order for Sunshine Plus opaque paper? How much does it cost? Do you have a minimum order amount? What about shipping?

In this digital age, Case Paper likes to keep things personal. Call us old fashioned, but we want to actually talk to you! Our Case Paper representatives can’t wait to geek out about our products with you. When you reach out to us, your Case Paper representative will walk you through our process. We’ll take down the details of your project, find the best fit for you, give you a quote, and help you place your order.

6. Why should I choose opaque paper?

A good reason to use opaque paper is that you do not want someone to easily see through it. This means that if you are printing something double-sided, such as a brochure, it will be easier to focus on reading one side before turning over to the other. 

7. What are some of the best uses for Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC?

Let our paper inspire you! Sunshine Plus Opaque is great for a whole myriad of applications (and you know it’s fancy because we’re saying “myriad.”) Printing a high-end book? Sunshine Plus Opaque can be very well read. How about updating your clients with an important newsletter? This paper knows what’s up. Need to create some brochures? Bro, sure! Your business cards, your promotional materials, your imagination, you can do it all with Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC! 

8. What is this company, Case Paper, all about? 

Case Paper is an over 80-year-old company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction with our paper and board. We are always On the Case for our customers, and we have been since day one! Our paper passion makes us delighted to go above and beyond to make sure your project truly stands out. Just let us know if we can get you anything and we’ll be happy to help! 

We also take pride in our commitment to sustainability. We put our values of the three Ps of Sustainability:  People, Planet, and Product into practice every day. Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC, with its 10% PCW composition is just another example of our products working to help the environment. Our sustainable products are our pride and joy!

Get Your Samples of The Sunniest Paper Around!

This North American grade opaque paper is uncoated, made of 10% PCW, and brighter than the lightbulb over your head when you realize it’s perfect for your project. With all this in one product, Sunshine Plus Opaque FSC is the embodiment of your uncoated opaque paper dreams. Want to see your dreams appear in reality? Just fill out this form to request your samples today!