Stallion™ FSC®


While it’s not an actual stallion, this paperboard’s bright white shade and ability to run smoothly through any and all presses may just be impressive enough to win the Kentucky Derby. Okay, maybe not—but it could at least print the marketing collateral.

The Stallion™ C2S has the horsepower of Seabiscuit, but the beauty of…whatever extremely attractive horse got cast in Black Beauty. From being FDA compliant to chic enough for the use of calendars and book covers, we wouldn’t be surprised if it pulled a Mister Ed and started talking too.

Basis Wt. Caliper Brightness GSM
103 8 90 168
119 10 90 193
135 12 90 219
155 14 90 253
143 14 86 232
157 16 86 256
176 18 86 287


To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.

Basis Wt. Caliper Brightness GSM
117 8 90 191
136 10 90 221
157 12 90 256
174 14 90 283
179 16 90 295


To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.

Available Locations

Philadelphia*, PA

499 East Tioga Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134

(215) 634-6500

Chicago*, IL

900 West 45th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

(773) 927-4151

Los Angeles*, CA

9168 Hermosa Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 476-1500

Miami*, FL

3333 N.W. 116th Street

Miami, FL 33167

(305) 681-2273

High Point*, NC

2018 Brevard Road

High Point, NC 27263

(336) 887-2651

Osgood*, IN

604 Railroad Avenue

Osgood, IN 47037

(812) 747-9118

About Stallion FSC Bright White Paperboard

When you need premium white paperboard, Stallion FSC rides in to save the day! Whether you need C2S or C1S, Stallion FSC has got the looks and performance that’s perfect for your project. From postcards to calendars, Stallion FSC is more than a workhorse, it’s a show-stopping sensation!

What are the options in Stallion’s stable? We offer C1S, which is coated on one side, C1S Plus, which has a gloss coat on the top side and a matte coat on the back side, and C2S, which is coated on both sides. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Stallion FSC White Paperboard

What is Stallion FSC?

Stallion FSC is a premium white paperboard that is available in C1S, C1S Plus, and C2S varieties.

How bright is Stallion FSC? 

Stallion FSC’s brightness is off the charts (metaphorically). In reality, it is on the charts, with different calipers coming in at brightnesses of either 90 or 86.

What is the difference between C1S and C2S paperboard?

We “C” that acronyms can sometimes be confusing, but fear not! C1S and C2S simply mean that the paperboard is coated on one side (C1S) or coated on two sides (C2S). 

What are the benefits of the different types of Stallion FSC paperboard?

Let’s talk about the benefits of each type of Stallion FSC, starting with the common benefits across all three types. No matter whether you choose C1S, C1S Plus, or C2S, your Stallion FSC has these benefits: 

  • Runs smoothly, making it excellent for printability and/or the Kentucky Derby.
  • Can save you up to 20% on paper costs and shipping of printed material thanks to its basis weight.
  • Features brightness in a perfect blue-white shade for vivid prints.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Impresses with its glossy finish.
  • Allows for sheeter rolls, sheetfed, and digital printing.
  • Carries FSC certification, for your environmentally friendly needs.
  • Won’t lose its whiteness or structural integrity any time soon, because it’s acid-free.
  • Meets FDA standards for contact with dry food.

In addition to the above, C1S allows for heat-set rolls and features a gloss coat on one side. C1S Plus has a gloss coat on top and a matte coat on the bottom, making it an economical choice if you want to print on both sides. Want to go all out with gloss on both sides? C2S is the Stallion FSC for you. Ride on!

Does this paperboard have a coating on it that boosts its printability?

It sure does! The smooth printability of Stallion FSC is thanks to the coating it has on one or both sides, depending on whether you choose C1S, C1S Plus, or C2S. C1S has a gloss coat on its top side and is uncoated on the back side. C1S Plus has a gloss coating on the top side and has a matte coat on the backside. C2S wears a gloss coat on both sides, so stylish!

Is Stallion FSC sustainable and does it have a certification to back that up? What does the “FSC” in its name mean?

Stallion FSC carries a Forest Stewardship Council certification label. The Forest Stewardship Council is a nonprofit that operates worldwide, bringing together its members from academia, industry, communities, and more for the mission of ensuring sustainable use of forest resources. That’s a win-win, because we need forest resources to make paperboard, so we need forests to provide those resources. Plus, we love trees; who doesn’t?

Does Stallion FSC paperboard have FDA approval to use with food packaging applications?

Yes! All types of Stallion FSC are FDA-approved for dry-food contact, so you can package whatever tasty dry foods you’d like. Maybe even some sort of oat product to feed your horses! If you have horses, that is.

What are your recommendations for printing with the different types of Stallion FSC?

Stallion FSC is as versatile, and works well with just about any press! To be specific, all three types are good to go for sheeter rolls, sheetfed, and digital printing. And, C1S also works with heat-set rolls. 

What are the available color options for Stallion FSC, or is it only available in white?

C1S, C1S Plus, and C2S, Stallion FSC boards are available in a beautiful blue-white shade with unbelievable brightness. Whatever you want to print on this white paperboard comes out vibrant and smooth thanks to the white base beneath.

Do you offer any additional services for customizing my Stallion FSC paperboard for my project?

We thought you’d never ask! Learn more about Case Paper’s services for paperboard here, and just let us know what you need. 

Can I get a sample of Stallion FSC so I can see what it’s really like?

Absolutely! We’ve got paperboard samples champing at the bit to get to you! Just fill out this form to meet your Stallion FSC face-to-face. We promise it’s even more beautiful in person.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for purchasing Stallion FSC white paperboard? What is the expected lead time for orders of Stallion FSC paperboard? What do I need to know about shipping costs?

Hold your horses! You don’t have to look for all of those answers on a screen. We are people who like to talk to people. Case Paper representatives are ready and waiting to answer every question you have, whether it’s about our products or the meaning of life. Either way, Case Paper representatives will help you find the best paperboard for your project. Already know that Stallion FSC is the one for you? Great! We’ll help you place your order, too. 

What is Case Paper all about? 

Case Paper has proudly provided paperboard and paper products for more than eighty years. During that time, we have always put our customers first and ensured that they are enthusiastically satisfied with our products and our customer service. We also devote ourselves to sustainability, so we’re proud to carry many sustainable products like Stallion FSC, and that includes more than just paperboard. We also have sustainable paper and even sustainable specialty products. When it comes to being there for our customers, our employees, and our planet—wild horses couldn’t drag us away!

Case Paper is The Best Place for Paperboard

When you need high-quality paperboard that looks great and prints like a dream, Case Paper has what you need. We are an over eighty-year-old company with a long track record of being “On the Case” to get our customers exactly what they need when they need it. When you’re ready to ride off into the sunset with Stallion FSC, order your samples today!