Primalith™ FSC®

Primalith™ Gloss comes to play with the glossiest and dottiest dot definition this side of the Atlantic. We’re talking Jackson-Pollock-abstract-expressionism-splish-splash-we’re-takin’-a-paint-bath level dot work that could sell at auction for millions.

When we say this paper is smooth, we mean Kenny G, Saxophone solo smooth. Compatible with most digital presses and with excellent dot definition, it’s still unclear if we’re talking about Primalith™ Silk or one of his velvety 90’s tunes.

With its excellent runnability and quick (ink) set off, you’d think we were going on about the New England Patriots’ offense. Primalith™ Matte never ceases to perform with the same calm, unflappable poise of a true Super Bowl MVP.


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
80# 7 95.2
100# 9 95.2
130# 11.2 95.2


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
60# 2.8 94
70# 3.2 94
80# 3.6 94
100# 4.5 95


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
80# 8 95.6
100# 10.3 95.6
130# 14.1 95.6

* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
60# 3.1 96
70# 3.5 96
80# 4 96
100# 5.2 96.5


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
80# 8 97

* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.

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Philadelphia*, PA

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Chicago*, IL

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Chicago, IL 60609

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About Primalith FSC: Super Smooth Coated Paper

Looking for smooth coated paper with three finishes to choose from? Here’s a primer on our premium paper, Primalith FSC (say that 5 times fast!). This exceptional coated paper has dot definition that will blow your mind, and comes in gloss, silk, and matte finishes. Plus, it’s got the sustainability certifications to prove that it cares about the environment as much as you do.

Primalith FSC Smooth Coated Paper FAQ

What is Primalith FSC all about?

Primalith FSC is a premium and luxuriously smooth coated paper, with the durability and versatility to take on your next project. A point of pride for this paper is its incredible dot definition, which is particularly evident with heavy ink coverage. Looking for high brightness? Primalith FSC has that too, with a range of brightness up in the ‘90s. That ‘90s aesthetic is popular right now, so don your bucket hat and overalls, and maybe you’ll look as cool as Primalith FSC.

What are the benefits of coated paper versus uncoated paper? 

Coated paper, like Primalith FSC, and uncoated paper, both have their benefits. It depends on your priorities. For example, if you want to print lots of easy-to-read text, uncoated paper is a good choice. Also, if you’re printing something for the purpose of writing on it afterwards, the rougher surface of uncoated paper, versus coated paper, works much better.

Coated paper, on the other hand, is a great choice when you want vibrant imagery front and center. It has low ink absorption so imagery looks sharper, particularly in the case of Primalith FSC, which has incredible dot definition. 

What are the three finishes of Primalith FSC and how do I choose?

Our unbelievably smooth coated paper, Primalith FSC, is available in gloss, silk, and matte. Wondering what the difference is? It’s actually the level of shine. Gloss is, you know, glossy, with plenty of shine. Matte is short for Matthew, but also  means “not shiny.” Okay, then—what’s silk? As it happens, silk is smack dab in the middle of the two: not super shiny and not super matte. Whichever finish you choose, you’ll get premium coated paper that’s bright and environmentally conscious. 

What kinds of printing projects work well with Primalith FSC?

Since Primalith FSC combines high opacity with a super smooth surface, you can use it for printing fine books, engaging invitations, compelling catalogs, attention-grabbing magazine covers, and beautiful brochures. 

Primalith FSC is also ready to get to work in the mailroom. The 80# matte cover bulks at a 9pt caliper, which is perfect for all your direct mail needs.

Primalith FSC runs on digital equipment like an Olympic sprinter. Screen and Konica Minolta printers are its besties, so if your project uses them, you’re primed for Primalith FSC.

If it’s elevated and graphics-forward, it’s a perfect project for Primalith FSC.

What does “FSC” mean? 

The FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit that ensures that harvesting from forests is done in a sustainable way. The FSC is a nonprofit organization that works throughout the world protecting forests while also ensuring that they can be used appropriately for purposes including making paper. When you see an FSC certification on a product, it means that part of the creation process of that project took into account the need to maintain our natural resources.

Tell me more about Primalith FSC’s Sustainability.

In addition to FSC, Primalith FSC also carries the PEFC label. PEFC stands for, “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification,” a nonprofit that describes itself as a “global alliance of national forest certification systems.” Primalith’s PEFC chain of custody certificate means that the wood and pulp raw materials that compose it have been sustainably sourced. 

Primalith FSC is also produced with chlorine-free pulp. With these eco-friendly credentials, Primalith FSC proves that you can create high-end printing projects while being mindful of your environmental impact. That’s a win in our [fine photography] book.

How can I purchase Primalith FSC?

Options abound when purchasing Primalith FSC. It is available in text and cover weights. You can order it in standard sheet sizes, sheeter rolls cut to order, or web rolls. You can choose matte, gloss, or silk finish.

If you literally mean how do you place your order for Primalith FSC, that’s when it’s time to talk to Case Paper! Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are ready to talk paper with you. Contact us for help figuring out the best paper for your projects, obtaining a quote, and getting your order submitted. Or contact us if you just need someone to talk to. We don’t judge.

Tell me about yourself.

We are Case Paper, a premium paper and board company that’s been around for over 80 years. We’re known for being “On the Case” to make sure that our customers get the perfect premium paper and board for their printing project.

One of our favorite things to talk about is our dedication to sustainability and the 3 Ps: Planet, People, and Product. What does that mean in practice? We’re so glad you asked!

Planet means we work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and we give back to our community in ways that help the environment as well. We’ve done everything from upgrading our facilities’ lights to LEDs to reducing trim waste, and we won’t stop now! We also partner with a nonprofit that provides environmental education and plants trees. We think that’s tree-mendously important for the future of the Earth.

The People aspect of sustainability means we show our employees we care about their engagement, we support nonprofits that matter to them, and we make sure they have a safe and welcoming place to work.

When it comes to Product, you may be interested to know that Primalith FSC is part of the Case Paper line of sustainable paper and board products. We carry these products because we think sustainability isn’t something you can just “paper over,” but something you can choose to live by.

Order Samples of This Perfectly Premium Paper, Primalith FSC

High-quality, sustainable, and compatible with most digital presses, Primalith FSC is waiting to surprise and delight you. When you want to print on an ultra-smooth surface with high brightness and intense dot definition, take a look at Primalith FSC. The best way to get a feel for our paper is to actually feel it, so order your samples today!