Monadnock FSC® Premium Coated Paper

Much like Velvet itself, this line of fine printing papers unleashes a new world of design possibilities for those most-discerning and sustainability-forward companies looking for high-end luxury appeal. The only premium coated 100% recycled sheet made in America, Astrolite PC 100® Velvet C2S is coated on both sides and completely crafted with only post-consumer waste recycled fiber.


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
65# 6.5 96
80# 8.3 96
9pt 9pt 96
100# 10.1 96
120# 12.3 96
130# 13.6 96
150# 16 96

* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (ISO)
80# 4.4 96
100# 5.4 96


Available Locations

Philadelphia*, PA

499 East Tioga Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134

(215) 634-6500

Chicago*, IL

900 West 45th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

(773) 927-4151

Miami*, FL

3333 N.W. 116th Street

Miami, FL 33167

(305) 681-2273

Los Angeles*, CA

9168 Hermosa Avenue

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

(909) 476-1500

High Point*, NC

2018 Brevard Road

High Point, NC 27263

(336) 887-2651

Monadnock FSC®

Monadnock FSC® paper and paperboard represents the perfect harmony between premium quality, environmental responsibility, and exceptional performance. We’re talking Beethoven’s levels of harmony here. Does that make this sheet music? Anyways — this innovative line of premium paperboard caters to brands that prioritize both aesthetics and sustainability.

Monadnock Paper Mills is the oldest continually operating paper mill in the USA! They were founded in 1819, but are amazingly spry given that they are 200+ years old. Hey, maybe they knew Beethoven! Regardless, Monadnock FSC®  products are crafted with a commitment to eco-conscious practices. Their materials are FSC certified, ensuring responsible forestry practices and the carbon-neutral manufacturing process powered by renewable wind energy.

About Monadnock FSC®  

Monadnock FSC®  paperboard, distributed by Case Paper, offers a premier solution for your high-end packaging needs in the premium recycled sheet: Astrolite PC 100® Velvet C2S.

This exceptional paperboard boasts:

  • Luxurious Finish: Like Met Gala levels of luxurious. The C2S designation indicates a “coated two sides” finish, creating a smooth, velvety texture that elevates the aesthetics of your packaging.
  • Exceptional Printability: Astrolite PC 100® is sort of like Dr. Frankenstein, in that it ensures your designs come alive! In this case, though, it’s not a spooky sort of “come alive” — it’s more coming alive with vibrant colors and crisp details, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Durable Performance: This paperboard offers the sturdiness needed to protect your products during shipping and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monadnock FSC®  Paperboard

What makes Monadnock FSC® paperboard unique?

Monadnock FSC® paperboard sets itself apart in three key ways:

  • Unmatched Performance & Aesthetics: With superior printability and a luxurious finish in smooth and coated velvet options, this board ensures your packaging captures attention and exudes quality. Whether you prioritize a high-end aesthetic or require a sturdy solution for functional applications, Monadnock FSC® provides the perfect balance. High-end aesthetics or sturdy functionality? Get you a paperboard that can do both!
  • Sustainable Choice: Monadnock prioritizes eco-conscious practices throughout the manufacturing process. The FSC® certification guarantees responsible forestry for the recycled fibers used in the board. You might say they tree-t forests with unbe-leaf-able respect! Furthermore, their carbon-neutral manufacturing powered by renewable wind energy minimizes environmental impact. Sounds like a wind-win situation to us. By choosing Monadnock FSC® paperboard, you can be confident you’re making a responsible environmental choice.
  • Versatility for Your Needs: Monadnock offers a variety of paperboard options within the FSC® line. Astrolite PC 100 excels in exceptional printability for high-quality graphics. Envi PC 100 Performance Board is ideal for intricate designs with its superior folding and embossing capabilities. This allows you to choose the perfect board to meet the specific needs of your project.

What are the environmental benefits of using Monadnock FSC® paperboard?

Monadnock FSC® prioritizes sustainability throughout the manufacturing process. Here’s how:

  • FSC® Certification: FSC? OMG! This certification guarantees that the wood pulp used in the recycled fibers comes from responsibly managed forests, promoting healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Reduced Reliance on Virgin Pulp: Some Monadnock FSC® options, like the Envi Performance Board, incorporate agricultural hemp, a rapidly renewable resource. This reduces reliance on virgin tree pulp, a significant contributor to deforestation. Hemp hemp, hooray!
  • Carbon Neutral Manufacturing: Monadnock utilizes renewable Green-e certified wind energy to power their manufacturing facilities, minimizing their carbon footprint.

Does Monadnock FSC® paperboard come in different finishes?

Absolutely! Monadnock FSC® offers both coated and uncoated finishes within their product lines. Here’s a breakdown of some popular options:

  • Astrolite PC 100: Available in both a smooth and coated finish, this board excels in outstanding printability for high-quality graphics.
  • Envi PC 100 Performance Board: This option prioritizes functionality with its exceptional folding and embossing capabilities, making it ideal for intricate packaging designs.

Can I order custom sizes of Monadnock FSC® paperboard?

Yes indeed! Case Paper understands that your packaging needs are unique. We offer custom-sized sheets on demand for both coated and uncoated finishes within the Monadnock FSC® product line. This allows for maximum flexibility in designing your ideal packaging solution.

How can I learn more about Monadnock FSC® paperboard?

We’re here to help! Here are a few ways to get more information:

    • Contact Case Paper: Our friendly sales representatives are available at (888) CASE-1ST to answer your questions, discuss your specific needs, or just chat about your day. Mostly the first two, though.
    • Order Samples: Experience the exceptional quality of Monadnock FSC® paperboard firsthand! Order samples today to really see, feel, hear, smell and taste the difference for yourself. Again, mostly the first two, though.
    • Visit the Case Paper Website: Our website provides detailed information about the Monadnock FSC® product line, including specifications, technical data, and downloadable resources, as well to order your samples, today!
  • Spend Some Time Wandering in a Forest: While this won’t really teach you about Monadnock’s paper and board, it will be really pleasant and maybe help you get a sense of Monadnock’s forest-friendly vibe. Bring a map, though! And snacks.