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Monadnock (Hemp)

Monadnock Hemp product image

Built for brands unwilling to compromise, Monadnock Hemp Envi Performance Board is the seamless integration of beauty, performance, and sustainability.

Hemp Envi Performance Board is made with 70% FSC® Certified, post-consumer waste recycled fiber and 30% agricultural hemp fiber. This line of packaging board is engineered for superior printability and performance all the way to the shelf. It will foil stamp, score, and fold beautifully.

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Monadnock (Hemp)

Hemp hemp, hooray! With these hemp fibers at your disposal, you can live the high life. Of course, we’re talking about having quality packaging and not other hemp-related high lives… Anyways: Monadnock Hemp Performance Board isn’t your average paperboard. It’s a culmination of beauty, performance, and sustainability, designed for brands that refuse to settle. This innovative product seamlessly integrates these values to create a packaging solution that elevates your brand while minimizing environmental impact. It’s quite a hemp-rovement for packaging that looks great, stays sturdy, and is planet-friendly.

About Monadnock Hemp Paper

Monadnock Hemp is crafted with a unique blend of 70% FSC® Certified, post-consumer waste recycled fiber and 30% agricultural hemp fiber. This combination creates exceptionally strong and durable product enclosures, ensuring your items arrive safe and sound. The FSC® certification guarantees that the wood pulp used in the recycled fibers comes from responsibly managed forests, promoting long-term sustainability.

Like the Jolly Green Giant, Monadnock Hemp isn’t just strong; it’s also kind to the planet. Hemp is a rapidly renewable resource that requires minimal water and thrives in various climates. Its inclusion in the board reduces reliance on virgin tree pulp, a significant contributor to deforestation. With hemp at your disposal, sustainability concerns can go up in smoke! 

Performance You Can Rely On

However, it isn’t just eco-friendly. Monadnock Hemp Paper is a performance powerhouse. Engineered for superior printability, this hearty hemp paper ensures your designs come alive with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Whether you’re crafting intricate packaging with detailed graphics or opting for a minimalist aesthetic, hemp paper faithfully reproduces your vision. 

Case offers multiple Monadnock Hemp papers. It is available in uncoated, coated on one side (C1S), or coated on both sides (C2S). These multiple options, plus the paper’s inherent versatility, make it a great option for a range of packaging applications. It has been a popular choice for a range of industries, like cosmetics, fragrances, wine and spirits, fashion, health and wellness, jewelry and watches, tech, CBD and cannabis, and more.

The smooth surface of this hemp paper makes it ideal for a variety of finishing techniques. Add a touch of luxury with foil stamping, or create clean, precise lines with crisp scoring and folding. This versatility empowers you to design unique and visually appealing packaging that grabs attention on store shelves.

But hemp paper isn’t all about aesthetics. It boasts remarkable durability as well. This strong hemp paper can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring your packaging, and the products within, arrive at their destination safe and sound. Even if you’re shipping your products with a horse-drawn cart on a bumpy road, this sturdy board can handle it. Though, if you’re delivering packaging with a horse-drawn cart you may have bigger things than packaging to worry about for your company. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Monadnock Hemp Paper

What exactly is hemp paper?

Hemp is a plant in the botanical class of Cannabis sativa. We know what you’re thinking, and no you can’t do THAT with hemp packaging! Hemp is a cousin of marijuana, but contains very little THC and is more prized for its capabilities as a strong, renewable fiber for paper and board manufacturing. It’s also been used for things like clothing — keep an eye out for Case Paper’s signature fashion line.

Monadnock Hemp Performance Board elevates your packaging game. It’s crafted with recycled fibers and renewable hemp, making it a sustainable choice that aligns with eco-conscious consumers. This strong, printable board ensures your products arrive safely and your brand message shines through. Plus, its versatile surface options let you get creative with finishing techniques for unique packaging that stands out.

What kind of projects is hemp paper good for?

Monadnock Hemp isn’t just an eco-friendly option; it’s a high-performance solution for your packaging needs. This innovative board is engineered for superior printability, ensuring your designs come alive with stunning clarity and vibrant colors. Whether you prefer intricate details or a minimalist aesthetic, Monadnock Hemp faithfully translates your vision.

The smooth surface makes it ideal for a variety of finishing techniques.  Explore foil stamping for a touch of luxury or crisp scoring and folding for clean lines. This versatility empowers you to design unique and visually appealing packaging that grabs attention on store shelves.

But sustainability doesn’t compromise durability. Monadnock Hemp is remarkably strong, ensuring your packaging can withstand rough conditions while remaining intact (and beautiful). So you can promote your brand’s environmental responsibility with confidence, knowing your packaging performs flawlessly.

What can you tell me about Case Paper?

With over eight decades of experience, Case Paper is your one-stop shop for all your business paper and board needs. We’re passionate about providing exceptional service and high-quality products. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and guide you towards the perfect paper solution for your project.  Whether you’re looking for sustainable options like Monadnock Hemp or a wide variety of other papers and boards, Case Paper has you covered.  Need anything? Give us a call at (888) CASE-1ST and let’s make some paper dreams happen!

Get Your Samples of High-Quality, Sustainable Packaging with Monadnock Hemp

Seeing is believing, and the same goes for the exceptional performance of Monadnock Hemp. This innovative board isn’t just about eco-friendliness; it’s about creating impactful packaging that elevates your brand.

Order your samples of Monadnock Hemp Envi today and experience its unique qualities firsthand. Feel the difference of a board crafted with a blend of recycled fibers and renewable hemp, creating a strong and durable solution for protecting your products. Explore the smooth, printable surface that allows your designs and vibrant colors to truly shine. Monadnock Hemp Envi empowers you to unleash your creativity with various finishing techniques, ensuring your packaging grabs attention on store shelves.

Don’t miss out on the future of sustainable packaging. Order your samples of Monadnock Hemp today!