Metsä Board


Clean, stiff, and made under the highest environmental standards—while it sounds like we’re talking about the perfect organic red wine, we’re actually talking about paperboard. With more cartons per ton made through lightweighting, Pro FBB Bright is the cost-effective, better-for-the-environment option that won’t give you a hangover. Unless you’re a lightweight, in which case — we can’t help you there.

Luxury quality and made from virgin fiber, Prime FBB Bright is the cashmere of paperboards. It’s thick enough to keep you warm in the winter (er, perfect for commercial printing) and with excellent lightweighting—you can even rock it on a summer night. Um, we mean, you get more for your cash…mere.

Basis Wt. Caliper Brightness GSM
111 10.2 91 180
120 12 91 195
135 14 91 220
141 15.2 91 230
150 16.3 91 245
157 17.1 91 255
163 17.9 91 265
172 19.1 91 280
178 19.9 91 290
196 21.9 91 320
215 24 91 350
To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.
Basis Wt. Caliper Brightness GSM
104 8.3 91.5 170
117 10.2 91.5 190
129 12 91.5 210
144 14.2 91.5 235
157 15.7 91.5 255
166 16.7 91.5 270
172 17.7 91.5 280
178 18.7 91.5 290
187 19.7 91.5 305
203 21.7 91.5 330
218 23.6 91.5 355
233 25.6 91.5 380
To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.

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Chicago*, IL

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About Metsä Board: High-Quality, Lightweight Board

Allow us to introduce Metsä Board, the sustainable lightweight board solution for premium packaging. Featuring bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP) composition, Metsä Board offers the lightweight utility and flawless printability your product needs. When you want your packaging to make an impression, while maintaining your commitment to minimal environmental impact, Metsä Board is there for you. This is the paperboard you need for everything from gorgeous makeup packaging to irresistible food packaging. Lightweighting means that you will spend less on shipping, increasing your ROI, without increasing your carbon footprint.

Your product packaging will stand out with Metsä Board, thanks to easy scoring and smooth foldability that minimizes cracking. Some examples of ways to use this paperboard include cosmetic packaging, perfume boxes, and gourmet food packages that need to look sharp and pique customers’ interest.

Choosing Metsä Board demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability. Choosing lightweight board not only brings down your shipping costs, but also lowers your carbon footprint. Metsä Board is available as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified upon request. An FSC Certification label means that a product either contains material from FSC-certified forests, FCC-managed wood, and/or recycled materials, depending on the specific label. Get the look you want while staying eco-friendly with our responsibly sourced materials.

When you need a sustainable paperboard option for food packaging, Metsä Board’s FDA compliance and freezer/fridge compatibility means you are good to go. Go ahead and use Metsä Board for frozen foods, ready-to-eat meals, and more worry-free.

About The Mill That Makes Metsä Board

Metsä Board comes from a mill that is part of the Metsä Group, an environmentally conscious “forest industry group” that operates based on a code of 15 ethical principles. These principles include “respect for the environment,” which is embodied in the process of sourcing materials and creating Metsä Board.

At Metsä Group’s Excellence Center in Äänekoski, Finland, Metsä develops innovations in sustainable paperboard and packaging solutions. Their customers can also benefit from virtual collaboration with the Center with its co-creation workshops.

When you purchase Metsä Board, you also get Metsä Board 360 Services, which means that the mill’s product experts will help you with everything from sustainability to package design. This means you get support both from Case Paper and from Metsä, to make sure your project goes off without a hitch.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sustainable, Lightweight Board

1. What is Metsä Board made of? What do I need to know about the materials?

Both Metsä Board Prime FBB Bright and Metsä Board Pro FBB Bright are made of virgin fiber. Metsä Group thoughtfully sources its materials to ensure that it minimizes their environmental impact.

2. Can I use Metsä Board for food packaging?

Yes! Metsä Board complies with the FDA’s requirements for food packaging. In addition, it is safe for the fridge or freezer, so feel free to fill it up with treats!

3. How heavy is this paperboard? What can I expect in terms of shipping costs for my product?

Metsä Board is the perfect lightweight board for your needs. Lightweighting means more cartons per ton, so you’ll save on shipping and minimize your environmental impact.

4. Can I score and fold Metsä Board without it cracking or tearing?

Absolutely! Metsä Board is designed to stand up to scoring and folding, making it perfect for packaging and commercial applications.

5. Does Metsä Board have any environmental certifications, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification?

Metsä Board carries the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification‘s PEFC label, which means that its forest-derived materials originate from PEFC-certified forests.

You can also choose to purchase Metsä Board with FSC certification for an additional charge. Talk to your Case Paper representative about your preference.

6. Are there any order minimums? How far in advance do I need to order? How do I order?

Your friendly Case Paper representative can give you all of the details you need to make sure you get the right amount of paperboard for your purpose, right when you need it.

7. What kind of support is available if I need help with my project?

We might sound like a broken record, but Case Paper’s representatives are here for you! We want you to get the best results with your Metsä Board, or any of our products, so we’re always ready to provide the support you need.

However, with Metsä Board you also get the support of the mill that produces it, with Metsä Board 360 Services. These services include:

  • Sustainability Service
  • Packaging Design Service
  • Technical Service
  • R&D Service
  • Supply Chain and Digital Service

Basically, when you choose Metsä Board you’ll have so much support, you’ll never have to feel lonely again!

What else should I know about Case Paper?

Let’s get to know each other! Case Paper is an over eighty-year-old company, with a long track record of being “On the Case” for our customers. This means we do whatever we can to give you a seamless ordering experience, and support you throughout your project to ensure that you get the results you desire. Whether you’re looking for paper, paperboard, or a specialty product, check out all of our products to see what we bring to the table.

Case Paper’s Commitment to Sustainability

Case Paper is all about the 3 Ps of Sustainability: Planet, People, and Product! More than a catchphrase, this means that we take into account how our work impacts the planet, we give back to our communities, and our mill partnerships and products reflect our dedication to sustainability.

Contact Case Paper To Get a Quote and Order Your Metsä Board

If you want eye-catching and sustainable packaging that protects your product and enhances your brand image, Metsä Board will be your new bestie. You don’t have to choose between good looks and good for the planet. Get the beautiful, high-quality lightweight board that aligns with your environmentally conscious values. Contact Case Paper today to find out how this environmentally friendly and meticulously designed lightweight board can become the packaging of your dreams.