Metallized Polyester Laminates product image

Metallized Polyester Laminates

Metallized Polyester Laminates product image

Our most popular laminate goes by a few names, such as Metpol, Met-Poly, MET-PET, mylar board, and so on, but as Shakespeare would say: “A metallized laminate by any other name would smell as sweet.” Whatever you call them, these laminates really put the PET-al to the metal.

If polyester had a silver lining, this would be it—a thin PET film metallized with aluminum for a beautiful, silver sheen, with multiple finishing options—gloss, matte, and brushed—and metal up or metal down construction.

Want a bit of color? Our color matching capabilities can guarantee you get any color you want in metallized polyester. Whether it’s a PMS color or something more exotic-sounding like “Dead Salmon,” “Milky Way Galaxy,” or “Popcorn Ball,” we can help. FYI, those are all actual shades of house paint we’ve stumbled across. Shiny “Dead Salmon” packaging? Yes, please!

Laminate, laminate, on the substrate, who’s the fairest of them all? Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded of how awesome you—yes, you—look, even when you’re looking at paperboard packaging. And our optically clear mirror-like film (available in 1mil or 2mil gauge) always delivers.

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