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Holographic Laminates

Holographic Laminates product image

Who doesn’t love rainbows? Dorothy sang about ‘em, leprechauns hide gold at their ends…and now, you can add some multi-colored oomph to your paper or paperboard with our embossed PET rainbow patterns. Our rainbow laminates can be shimmed or shimless, and are available in widths up to 40”. Note: pot of gold not included!

Though cracked ice and lava aren’t ideal things to see on hikes, they are fantastic patterns to see laminated on your project! Want something even more unique? We can make custom patterns a reality, whether it’s for visual appeal or as a security feature. Our sheeting capabilities ensure that we cut the exact same spot on repeating patterns, allowing for a consistent registered pattern on every sheet.

High-quality lens patterns can add a subtle twist to your high-end packaging, and are available in both Fresnel and holographic lenses. We do have an extensive library of lenses available, but can customize as needed to fit any job. Like our other patterned offerings, lens patterns can be sheeted at exact intervals to ensure pattern consistency on the sheet. With packaging that looks this nice, you’ll want to make sure your prescription lenses are up to date. We can’t really help with those types of lenses, though—we’d recommend an optometrist for that.

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