Great for cosmically sharp image reproduction and out-of-this-world contrast, Astrolith™ Gloss is the shining star of papers ideal for printing…shining stars. We see you, Katie Bauman. *Keep us in mind for all your future printing needs.

*No big deal, just the first person to ever photograph a black hole.

Online dating profile for Astrolith™ Matte:
Matte, 34 years old—superior surface (I’m good-looking), proven on-press runnability (I’ve been in long term relationships), and bindery performance (I call my mom every Sunday). My weight fluctuates, but I’m always 6’2″. (BTW, my friend Gloss is single too).


Caliper* Brightness
65# 5.7 88
80# 7 88


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper Brightness
45# 2.1 86
50# 2.35 86
60# 2.8 88
70# 3.3 88
80# 3.8 88
100# 5 88


Caliper* Brightness
65# 7.6 88
80# 9pt 88


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness
50# 3 86
60# 3.5 88
70# 4.2 88
80# 4.9 88
100# 5.5 88
105# 7pt 88

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Astrolith™: A Star in the World of Coated Papers

Astrolith™: A Star in the World of Coated Papers

Why couldn’t the star focus? Because it was spaced out! But don’t worry, with Astrolith’s cosmically great image reproduction and out-of-this-world contrast, your images will always be clear and sharp. For projects that need to wow, look no further than Astrolith™ Gloss. It’s a shining star in the paper world, ideal for printing stunning visuals like… well, shining stars!

But Astrolith™ isn’t a one-trick pony. We also offer Astrolith™ Matte, a sophisticated option for those seeking a more understated elegance. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a premium coated paper that will make your project stand out.

About Astrolith™ Coated Paper

Astrolith™ coated paper empowers businesses to create marketing materials that captivate and convert. This high-performance paper boasts a specially designed coating that unlocks exceptional printing capabilities. 

Do you dream of brochures bursting with vibrant colors and crisp details? Astrolith™ makes it a reality. The butter-smooth finish elevates the professionalism of your marketing efforts, ensuring your brand message is delivered with maximum impact. Do you dream of other things, like driving a racecar through space or having magical powers? If so, that’s pretty cool but isn’t really something Astrolith can help with. It can definitely print great images of racecars or magical powers if that helps.

Furthermore, Astrolith™’s durability ensures your marketing materials last, resisting everyday wear and tear to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. In short, Astrolith™ coated paper equips businesses with the tools to create marketing materials that grab attention, drive engagement, and ultimately achieve their marketing goals.

Gloss Done Right

With Astrolith™ Gloss, you can be the boss of gloss! Astrolith™ coated paper elevates the quality and durability of your printed projects in one powerful package. Its smooth, specially coated surface allows for incredibly sharp images and crisp reproduction of even the finest details. This translates to professional-looking brochures, marketing materials, and presentations that leave a strong and lasting impression. But Astrolith™ isn’t just about sharp images; its vibrant colors explode off the page, grabbing attention and making your marketing materials stand out from the crowd. The best part? Astrolith™ coated paper is built to last, making it ideal for projects that need to endure handling or prolonged use. Whether it’s a brochure left in a high-traffic waiting room or a presentation folder passed around multiple times, Astrolith™ ensures your message remains clear and impactful.

Choosing Between Astrolith™ Gloss and Matte

Are you deciding between a showstopper and a sophisticated choice? Astrolith™ offers both! Gloss boasts a luminous finish that makes photos and graphics sing, while Matte delivers a touch of elegance with easy-to-read text. No need to overthink it, order your free samples and see which Astrolith™ speaks to you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Astrolith™ Coated Paper

What is the difference between coated and uncoated paper?

Coated paper is smoother and ideal for vibrant photos and brochures, but can be glossy and less writable. Uncoated paper has a natural texture, good for text and writing, but colors appear softer and it’s less durable. Generally, choose coated for a polished look, or uncoated for a natural feel. Still, though, these products are flexible and work for all sorts of projects. One caveat: uncoated paper is also more likely to want to dine indoors if it’s a little chilly out because it has no coat, which can make getting a reservation harder sometimes.

What kind of printing projects is Astrolith™ good for?

Astrolith™ shines as a versatile paper ideal for a range of professional printing projects. Its ability to produce high-quality prints with vivid colors and sharp details makes it a top choice for creating eye-catching brochures, packaging, presentations, and marketing materials. This translates to capturing attention, leaving a strong impression on potential customers, and effectively promoting your products or services.  Furthermore, the durability of some Astrolith™ varieties makes it suitable for packaging applications, potentially offering protection during transport and storage while still allowing for attractive and informative designs. Overall, Astrolith™ caters to business needs by providing a balance between visual impact, durability, and high-quality printing, all crucial aspects for successful marketing materials and products.

Is Astrolith™ paper thick?

Astrolith™ caters to a range of project needs by offering a variety of thicknesses. This means you can choose the perfect paper weight for your specific project. If you need heavyweight, durable paper for presentations or brochures that will see a lot of handling, Astrolith™ offers options like their 200lb cover stock. This heavyweight paper creates a professional and sturdy feel, ideal for leaving a lasting impression. Conversely, if your project prioritizes a more natural, flexible feel, you might choose a lighter option like their 80lb cover stock. This is a good choice for brochures or marketing materials that will be mailed or inserted into binders. Ultimately, the thickness you choose depends on the desired look and functionality for your project.

What can you tell me about the company called Case Paper?

With over eight decades of expertise, we’re always “On the Case,” going the extra mile to ensure your paper and board ordering experience is nothing short of fabulous. Need anything? Give us a buzz at (888) CASE-1ST and let’s make some paper dreams happen!

Get your samples of the high-quality recycled uncoated paper you need from Case Paper

To truly appreciate the difference Astrolith™ Gloss and Matte can make in your project,  you need to experience them firsthand. Order your samples today and prepare to be amazed by the superior image quality, rich colors, and all-around excellence Astrolith™ offers.