Alta™ Recycled FSC®

It’s the green, mean, fighting-for-the-planet machine—and by machine, we mean paper. As the Greta Thunberg of papers and full of high-brightness, Alta™ Recycled Gloss has the strength and tenacity to sail instead of fly in the name of planet Earth. 10% PCW and FSC® certified, this recycled paper is 100% awesome.

Cowabunga, dude! Super smooth and green—and no, we’re not talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we’re talking about Alta™ Recycled Dull. Recycled and FSC® certified, it’s the feel-good-and-help-the-planet paper with the peak readability of your dreams. Just like the Ninja Turtles comic books!


Caliper* Brightness (GE)
80# 7.8 94
100# 10 94
111# 11.2 94
130# 13.3 94


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (GE)
60# 2.8 94
70# 3.2 94
80# 3.6 94
100# 4.6 94




Caliper* Brightness (GE)
80# 9.5 94
100# 11.1 94
111# 12.6 94
130# 14.8 94


* Made to Basis Weight + / – 5%

To get the full specs, download our spec sheet above.


Caliper* Brightness (GE)
60# 3.1 94
70# 3.7 94
80# 4.4 94
100# 5.6 94


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Alta Recycled FSC Coated Gloss Paper or Dull Paper

Alta Recycled FSC is the coated gloss paper or dull paper of your high-quality, sustainable fantasies. What makes this sustainable premium paper so special? Just like the song, it’s Alta small things! That’s what Alta Recycled FSC is all about: the attention to detail that makes sure your publishing projects stand out from the crowd, while showing you care about the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alta Recycled FSC Coated Gloss Paper and Coated Dull Paper

What makes Alta Recycled FSC tick? 

If your paper is ticking, we’re not sure what to tell you! But if you mean what are Alta Recycled FSC’s best qualities, we’re happy to brag. Alta Recycled FSC is coated paper that is as strong as it is smooth. Available in dull or gloss finishes, this paper has 94 brightness, so don’t forget your shades!

Recycled, huh? And what does the FSC stand for? 

This enigmatic acronym stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and they, wait for it, council people on how to steward forests! In other words, this global nonprofit makes sure that when forests are harvested to make paper and board, it happens in a sustainable way. The FSC brings together industry, scientists, community members, and more, to make sure they’re all part of the conversation. The FSC label means that forests were respected in the making of your paper, and that’s tree-mendously important.

Similarly straightforward, the “Recycled” in Alta Recycled FSC means that it’s made of 10% post-consumer waste (PCW). So, as the old saying goes, one person’s previously utilized paper is another person’s treasure! That’s the saying, right? 

What can I create with Alta Recycled FSC?

What can’t you create with Alta Recycled FSC! Seriously, though, if you’d like some ideas, here are some of our top suggestions for applications of this paper. 

Imagine you walk into the grand lobby of an exquisite museum, filled with exhibits that all catch your interest. How do you choose where to go first? You pick up a map from a nearby display and printed on that smooth coated paper you see exactly where you want to go. That museum map? It’s printed on Alta Recycled FSC. 

After the museum, you head home to your family. Now your toddler wants a bedtime story. You pick out a great one, filled with vivid illustrations of pirates, princesses, and dragons. Who do you have to thank for those bright, colorful drawings? That’s right, Alta Recycled FSC!

Once your toddler has gone to bed, you start feeling nostalgic for your own childhood, so you dust off an old yearbook. The photos still look fresh and bright, as you recall that time you decided to cut your own bangs. Who brings you these precious memories? It’s your bestie, Alta Recycled FSC. 

What do all of these printed materials have in common? They look and feel fantastic, and you can feel good about their environmental impact, because they’re made of 10% PCW paper with FSC certification.

Should I choose gloss paper or dull paper?

Choose Alta Recycled FSC coated gloss paper if you want, well, a glossy look! That’s right, there’s no confusing paper industry jargon here. Gloss paper is shiny, and dull paper is less shiny! It’s not 100% matte, but it’s also not noticeably shiny. Either way, your projects are gonna look good with Alta Recycled FSC. 

What are the differences between coated paper and uncoated paper? 

Coated paper knows a great outfit is all about layers! Okay, not really, but coated paper and uncoated paper do have some important differences. Starting with the obvious, coated paper has a coat on it, whereas uncoated does not. What does that actually mean in terms of what it feels like, and which projects suit which type of paper? 

Let’s start with uncoated paper, which Alta Recycled FSC is not. Uncoated paper is rougher in texture than coated paper, and it tends to absorb ink. This means that images printed on uncoated paper tend not to be as vibrant, so if your project is a photo book, for example, uncoated paper is not for you. On the other hand, if you plan to print the next great American novel, uncoated paper is generally a better choice. 

Another reason you might choose uncoated paper is when you’re printing something that is designed for people to write on it afterwards, such as printing lines on journal paper. Uncoated paper provides a better surface to write on, so in that situation it would be the best choice. 

Now, let’s talk about coated paper, like Alta Recycled FSC. Like a refreshing beverage, coated paper has a smooth finish. The coating also makes it resistant to ink absorption, which means that graphics printed on coated paper can really pop! We recommend coated paper for projects where the imagery is the focus. 

What can you tell me about Case Paper, the company that provides Alta Recycled FSC?

Like most people, we love talking about ourselves (almost as much as we love talking about paper and board)! We are Case Paper, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been in business for 80 years and counting. We provide premium paper and board for publishing, packaging, and printing professionals. 

One of our most important company values is our commitment to sustainability, and we spell it with 3Ps: Planet, People, and Product. In fact, Alta FSC Recycled is just one of our many sustainable products

We’re always “On the Case” to get our customers the perfect products for their projects, so if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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