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Supplier Code
of Conduct

Case Paper’s Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to help us meet the highest ethical and quality standards possible. This Code of Conduct establishes controls for all business conducted in our supply chain to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and that business is carried out in a socially responsible manner. 


Supplier Code of Conduct Presentation

To ensure complete understanding on this policy and it’s requirements, this presentation gives a full explanation of Case Paper’s Supplier Code of Conduct, it’s importance and it’s scope. 

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Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is at the heart of Case Paper and in an effort to ensure all our products and materials are sourced in a reliable and responsible manner we have developed this Supplier Self Assessment Questionnaire.


Standard Terms and Conditions

Review Case’s complete outline of terms and conditions complete with definitions related to Purchase Orders, Deliveries, Payment, Warranties,  Laws & Regulations, Ethical Conduct, Social & Environmental Responsibility, and much more!



At Case Paper we are 100% on board with a more sustainable future in the industry and leaving the world better than we found it! We’re actively making changes at every level of our company by focusing on the 3 Ps: Planet, People, and Product.

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