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Case may be a family-owned company, but our roots go even deeper than the family tree.
We’ve got roots in all things paper (packaging, printing, converting, laminating…you name it!), unparalleled customer service, customization to fit every client’s needs, making deliveries to the moon, and lion-taming. Well, at least most of those things!

But we really have worked for generations so those roots could grow into our now strong reputation for being “On the Case.” So, keep scrolling and who knows…you may just want to be adopted (err…we mean hired) into the fam!

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Because we’re growing like a weed… the legal kind!

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Why Case

If you give a “sheet” about paper, then that’s a great start (especially if you can tolerate other tear-able puns). Case Paper is an 80-year-old paper and paperboard merchant and converter for the commercial print and packaging industries. We’re not talking copier paper (think more about paper used for signage, brochures, or direct mail) and not the cardboard that carries your Amazon Prime orders (our products are used more for packaging cosmetics, food, technology, and cannabis to name a few).

That may be what we do, but the real fun comes with how we do it. Our passion is the core of our brand, which often turns into extreme service and over-delivery. Our need to exceed expectations, to find workarounds and smart solutions, is summed up in three words—”On the Case”—and supported by three other words: reliable, responsible, and resourceful.

How far can we go (to the North Pole)? How far would we go (to the moon)? How far is too far (to both ends of a double rainbow)? We want to ask these questions in a way that entertains (humor is one of our core values), but also shows our deep dedication to getting our customers what they need, when and where they need it—no matter what.


  • Health Insurance

  • Company-paid Life Insurance

  • Paid time off/vacation

  • Paid Parental Leave

  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

  • Employee Recognition & Reward Program

  • Employee Discount program

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The rare ability to say to outside people, “Yeah, like Dunder Mifflin,” more times than you’ll ever be able to count.

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Supplemental Health Insurance

After working at Case Paper for over 15 years, I have really come to appreciate the openness of our management team and how they really support the sales people. I was one of 4 people who opened the doors in the California office in January 2008. It’s been amazing how the company has changed.  I have reported to Peter Schaffer, Robin Schaffer, and now Simon Schaffer. It’s been a great experience growing the company with the Schaffer family.

Case Paper, CA

Lisa Bailey, Senior Account Manager

I love working for Case Paper because of their culture, flexibility, and charitable nature. I’m surrounded by successful people who genuinely care about those they work with.

Case Paper, PA

Jaclyn Coughlin, Inside Sales Manager

I love working at Case Paper because it’s a company that is flexible and sets the teamwork bar at a very high level. We work hard for our customers, and each other. The best part is I really enjoy working with my coworkers. Not just Florida but across the Case Family.

Case Paper, FL

Dani Stadnik, Sales Service Supervisor

I could write about a book about all the things I love about Case Paper and why I work here, but the number one reason is we are a FAMILY!!!!!

Case Paper, PA

Jill McDonough, Corporate Director of Support Services

I love the work/life balance!

Case Makes, IN

Heather Pickens, CSR

Over my 10 years at Case, they (we!) have really made an effort to make this the best place to work. The staff continues to receive trainings that better us personally, which naturally betters the business. Case does not pass up an opportunity to give back to its employees.

Case Paper, PA

Melissa Culp, Support Service Manager

3 reasons I love working at Case… GREAT customers, GREAT co-workers, and GREAT management.

Case Paper, PA

Ken Weaver, Senior Account Manager

I am humbled every day by the extent that my coworkers will go to help one another, as well as the community.

Case Paper, PA

Justin Bell, Sample Team Manager


More About Case Paper

We’re the full package! Unbox our company’s mission, history, what it means to be “On the Case,” and much more!