We’re On the Case

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re On the Case. That’s just how we roll…
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We’ve been On the Case for 80 years and when we aren’t distributing or converting paper and board for the printing and packaging industries, we’re rolling out new solutions for all of your paper needs. Whether we’re taking sales calls at 5am, rushing custom jobs, delivering your paper through sheetwaves of shark-infested waters or navigating our trucks around Papernadoes, there’s one thing that you can always count on: whatever you need to take care of your customers, we’ll be ON THE CASE to make sure it happens!
Our Paper-Bilities
Inside a CasePaper location

Size Matters

Need a consistent supply of paper and paperboard of the highest quality? Look no further! And no matter what size you need, we’ve got you covered.

Paper & Paperboard

This is How We Roll

Rolling deep means having a large inventory of rolls to convert on demand to custom sizes.

Sheeting & Slitting/Rewinding

With our 7 lo-CASE-tions,
we’re “On the Case” wherever you are!

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Meet the

DReam Team

Talk about an all-star lineup! Since we know the paper industry has no “off season,” our team members are always ready to step into the ring and knock it out of the park for you. Once you pass us your order, these ballers will carry it all the way to the endzone and slam dunk it! And no, it doesn’t matter how many metaphors we just mixed, because at the end of the day the sport that matters most to us is being “On the Case” for you and the community at large!