Case Paper has been named a winner of Print Excellence by the 26th Annual Communicator Awards for the Record Box promotion created to celebrate Case’s 75 year anniversary. The box structurally, graphically, and comically shows how the company has been “On the Case” through all these years.

The Communicator Awards are held by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts to recognize creative excellence for communication professionals. Out of over 6,000 entries received from across the US and around the world, Case Paper received the competition’s highest honor, the Award of Excellence, alongside brands including Amazon, ESPN Films, Macy’s, PepsiCo Design & Innovation, and Forbes Media.

Simon Schaffer-Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer explains, “We wanted to create a unboxing experience that would really communicate how we are, and have always been, “on the case” for our customers in a fun and creative way beyond just handing out some nice swag.”

This high impact printed promotional piece was created in collaboration with Metsä Board whose paperboard was used for all the inner cartons as well as the external record box. The Metsä Board Design Services team brought the vision to reality by structurally designing innovative cartons that could be reused and repurposed by the recipients. For instance, one of the folding cartons becomes a holder for an insulated metal water bottle, allowing it to suspend in the air, even when it’s full of water. This demonstrates the paperboard’s strength and structural integrity, making it a unique sales and marketing tool.

TPC Printing & Packaging printed all the cartons in a way that seamlessly combined the graphics on each box so that when viewed from above, it looked like one continuous design.  They also added fun and subtle elements to the record player box, such as blind embossings on the outside and inside of the lid.

Brand Foundry, who put the entire project together, worked with Renegade, LLC who added Case Paper’s colorful and humorous copy and design throughout. The record album book and slip cover, printed by Brilliant Graphics, used cutting edge printing techniques to mimic the feel of a vinyl record and a unique binding method to show side by side comparative foldouts of different grades of paper that Case has to offer. One of the grades included is from Case Paper’s mill partner, Rolland.

“We’re grateful to our partners who truly made this project come to life,” said Simon Schaffer-Goldman, CMO of Case Paper. “Every part of this promotional piece illustrates how we leveraged the power of print and innovations in packaging to communicate our story.  We hope everyone who opens a Record Box, reads the album and re-purposes the cartons has as much fun going through it as we did creating it.”