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Who We Are

🎶 When your paper and board is in short supply, who you gonna call? Case Paper! 🎶 We are one of the largest privately held distributors and custom converters of paper and paperboard for the printing and packaging industries. We’re not talking copier paper (think more like paper for signage, brochures, or direct mail) and not cardboard that carries your Amazon orders (our products are used more for packaging cosmetics, personal care products, food, and technology to name a few). With divisions in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina, we’ve built a solid reputation for being “On the Case” to get you what you need, where and when you need it. We do not, however, bust ghosts…yet.


Company History

Case Paper was founded in the early 1940s by Irv Schaffer and brothers Oscar and David Kosh, although its actual origins can be traced back to the mid-1930’s, when the founders met each other as salespeople for the Aronson Paper Company. Irv was the first to start his own business in partnership with steel exporter Livingston & Southard.

Shortly after the company was founded, the threat of shipments being torpedoed by German U-boats during WWII put an end to the plan of exporting paper. The rest, as they say, is paper history. Irv, Oscar, and David set up a domestic operation, naming the business after the wooden “cases” in which paper was shipped and stored in those days. Fortunately, the name “Case Paper” won out over “Truck Paper,” “Warehouse Paper,” and “Over There in the Corner Paper.” Though paper was a bit difficult to source during the early years, Case Paper got by. The three men spent their time figuring out how to find and deliver paper to paper-starved printers (“Hey buddy, can you spare a ream?”) from a converted 19th-century stable on Downing Street in New York City. Once the war ended, the trio moved the business to Greenwich Village, where they remained until 1958, when they built a 100,000-square-foot warehouse and headquarters in Long Island City, NY. Here the company expanded not only its space, but also its business operations to include slitters, sheeters, and guillotine cutters (a more humane alternative for converting paper than the traditional paper gallows). By the mid-1960s, Case Paper was expanding across New York like pigeons and pizza, only we were less liable to steal your French fries or expand your waistline.

Today, Case Paper has 7 locations across the U.S. and is a major supplier to the commercial printing and packaging industries, converting more paper and board than almost any other company in the country! It isn’t easy, but we believe printers and packagers deserve to get precisely the paper and board they need, exactly when they need it. And that’s why, while our paper and paperboard no longer come IN a case, we’ll continue to be ON the Case.

Dani Stadnik

Our People

Just like you can’t have a paper industry without paper, you can’t have Teamwork without a team. People always come first at Case Paper, which is why we celebrate being “On the Case” or going above and beyond for customers, fellow employees, and the communities around us.

Our People

Just like you can’t have a paper industry without paper, you can’t have Teamwork without a team. People always come first at Case Paper, which is why we celebrate being “On the Case” or going above and beyond for customers, fellow employees, and the communities around us.

I deal with a few other paper merchants, and I can say with confidence that Case is the easiest to work with. All the Case employees that I’ve met are always willing to go above and beyond for our company. It makes us look great to our customers and we appreciate that.

Accord Carton

Zach Codo, Supply Chain Manager

Case Paper’s commitment to stocking a large inventory of paper and board, as well as providing custom converting services, has helped us gain a critical competitive advantage.

Phoenix Lithographing Corporation

Andrea L. Maximos, VP Estimating

Case Paper has been our top-performing vendor for the past few years for mill-guaranteed papers in both custom and stocking sheet sizes. Whether our orders are made to sheet or are multiple truckload requests, Case Paper has consistently met all of our demands…even providing same-day service when needed.

VISO-Graphic, Inc.

John Dahlke, Owner

Case Paper has a solid team of employees who treat both my large and small orders with attention to detail and a sense of urgency. We know we are in great hands–and will receive great product–from Case Paper.

Square Peg Packaging and Printing

Sheylyn Grasmick, Customer Service Manager

Case Paper understands our business and what we need to be successful, by providing frequent communication in an honest, proactive, and transparent way. Their advice, knowledge, and ideas help us compete and achieve our goals.

Indexx, Inc.

Jeff Forsythe, EVP Operations/Finance

The products Case Paper carries–from specialty materials to coated and uncoated paper and even paperboard–take care of all my print needs, whether it be digital, sheetfed, or web.

DS Graphics

Mark Alexander, Director of Purchasing

Case Paper’s service is exceptional, the quality excellent, and their expertise invaluable. I can place an order late in the day and it’s delivered the next morning. And if there is ever an issue, even nights or weekends, they take care of me.

PrimeNet Direct Marketing

Mark Keefe, President

For over a decade, Case Paper has provided exceptional service and support. Everyone with whom I have interacted has been extremely professional and helpful. A great company with great products and great people.

Florida Graphics Alliance

Gabriel Hernandez, President and CEO

Case Paper has the same interest as we do: helping customers achieve their goals.


Chris Miller, VP of Manufacturing

Same day estimates, solid prices, next-day delivery, and reasonable payment terms…all with one partner!

KAAR Direct Mail

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Operations Manager

Case Paper has been a valued partner in helping us meet client expectations for service and value.

Data-Mail, Inc.

TJ Smith, Director of Print Services

Paper Mill Partners

Just like Ringo, we get by with a little help from our friends! From our values to our vision, we’re in perfect harmony with our mill partners around the world to bring you the freshest premium-grade products on the market.

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With our 7 lo-CASE-tions,
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